The Museum of Food and Drink's Kickstarter is drawing to a close; tune into this week's Cooking Issues, and donate today! This week, Nastassia Lopez, Peter Kim, and Piper Kristensen hold down the studio while Dave Arnold calls into the show from New Orleans. Tune in to hear about some of MOFAD's upcoming plans, and why it's imperative to support the MOFAD Kickstarter campaign now! Tune into this episode to hear the differences between young, commercial meat and older game animals. Where is the best place to find katsuobushi in New York City? Find out how to smooth out your ropey yogurt, and how to make lean bread with spent brewer's grains. Tune in to learn about the different types of bacteria that are able to grow in your fridge! Thanks to our sponsor, ChefSteps.

"The beef that we get is relatively neutral in flavor because the cattle are young. The older the game meat, the more interesting the flavor is going to be." [15:25]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues