After sharing some unorthodox ideas for detox methods, Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez dig into a new batch of listener questions on this week's episode of Cooking Issues. Hear how different eggs create different types of mayonnaise, and why one listener is having trouble making mayo from turkey eggs. Listen in to find out about some homemade, DIY immersion circulator technologies! Dave talks about muscle tissue in squid and octopus, and how invertebrates tend to get get mushy after long cooking times. Find out how changing the pH of certain seafoods can alter the texture when cooking! Finally, tune in to hear about the different grains, legumes, and beans that were blasted through the Museum of Food and Drink's puffing gun! This program has been brought to you by Tekserve.


"I hate mechanical relays for DIY electronics projects. Spend the extra three bucks and get a solid-state relay. They'll last infinitely longer than mechanical relays unless you fry them." [32:15]

"Squid and octopus muscle is very different than vertebrate muscle... They tend to shrink up a lot more than vertebrate muscles do." [36:30]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues