Court Street Grocers is a restaurant-grocery-market hybrid in Carroll Garndens, Brooklyn. From sandwiches to esoteric grocery items to special dinners, the guys at Court Street Grocers do a little bit of everything. Tune in to a special recording as we chat with Matthew Ross, Eric Finkelstein and Josh Sobel - the Presidents and Chef of the establishment. They explain how their past life in the arts helped ease their transition into building their own shop/restaurant. Find out how they scrapped by and strung together a bunch of trips to Lowe's to make a beautiful and unique space. Learn about how they source products, balance budget, and help bring some of the best food items to Brooklyn. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"Nobody really talks about how to start these things - there's no book on how to start a business in New York. It's a nightmare - these things end up being trade secrets or the successful people end up being too busy to share. We just cobbled it together [somehow]." [4:30]

--Eric Finkelstein of Court Street Grocers on

"The only intentional thing we did is not try to make things intentional." [10:00]

--Matthew Ross of Court Street Grocers on