Bryant Terry is the author of several cookbooks including Vegan Soul Kitchen, and the recent The Inspired Vegan. On this episode of Hot Grease, Bryant Terry joins hostess Nicole Taylor to discuss the new cookbook, normalizing Afro-diaspora cuisine, and the stigma attached to the word "vegan". Tune in to hear about some of the seasonal recipes from the book, Bryant's past life in Fort Greene and Bed Stuy, and some of Bryant's upcoming events in New York City. This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods Market.


"I actually don't like 'vegan' in the title of my books, and I'm very intentional about having food that is devoid of animal products to give people an option to present something that's sumptuous and satisfying that doesn't necessarily have to be meat-laden, but at the same time I know word triggers people. I know what that word brings up."

"It seems so oxymoronic for people, 'Those two things shouldn't go together- black food and vegan.' And I feel like it's a great way to start the conversation."

"I want to normalize black food ways. I want people when they start thinking about seasonal, local and organic food to default to thinking about our food just as quickly as they would any other cultural cuisine."

-- Bryant Terry on Hot Grease