This week, How to Behave gets a little incestuous and invites Anne Saxelby of Saxelby Cheesemongers and HRN's Cutting the Curd onto the program! Brian Keyser and Hannah Howard talk with Anne about cheese counter etiquette. Why is purchasing cheese such a stressful event for new couples? Later, hear the cast's opinions on people who dominate cheese orders at restaurants. Hear about Anne's crusade to introduce local, farmstead cheeses to the masses, and how the American cheese scene has changed in the past several years. Thanks to our sponsor, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Music provided by Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord.

"One of the things that always makes me laugh is couples at the cheese counter. They might be in a new relationship, and they don't feel comfortable ordering cheese together!" [7:50]

"Your cheesemonger probably wants to help you out; they're not there to talk down to you... There are no dumb questions!" [10:20]

-- Anne Saxelby on How to Behave