On today's episode of In the Drink, Abe Schoener, winemaker at the Scholium project, joins host Joe Campanale to talk about the winery, their wines, and the changing wine industry in New York. At the Scholium Project, Abe and his team make wine, but only when first thinking hard about it. The wines he creates reflect a desire to understand and have a respect for tradition. He follows methods that in some ways are very old-fashioned, and in some ways rather unconventional, such as using techniques like food treading to distribute the grapes in the best possible way. Learn more about the wine maker, and how to buy his wines on this episode, and at the Scholium Project. This program has been sponsored by Brooklyn Slate.

"When I started making wine, I don't think I looked at it philosophically at all, but it's given me a firm foundation." [4:30]

"When we make wines, we're engaged in making something that's meant to fall apart." [6:01]

-- Abe Schoener on In the Drink