This week on Let's Eat In, our hostess Cathy Erway talks with Chase Emmons of Brooklyn Grange and Tim O'Neal of Borough Bees. Our guests have teamed up to start a 30 hive apiary at the new Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. Tune in to hear how Chase and Tim got their starts in beekeeping, the surprising demand for NYC honey, and the plans for Brooklyn Grange's apiary this season. Learn about bee genetics, and how Chase and Tim plan to breed bees that are adaptable to New York City's weather and conditions. In other words- local New York bees! Thanks to this episode's sponsor, Whole Foods.


"When I started keeping bees, I joined the local beekeeping organization and I was the youngest member by 60 years." -- Tim O'Neal on Let's Eat In

"You want cold winters so bees can make it through the winters. They'll go more dormant, so to speak. If they don't go dormant and they stay a little too active, they go through all their emergency food supplies, which is stored honey." -- Chase Emmons on Let's Eat In