Redeem the Zucchini! That is what we aim to do as we cook up dishes with the "fruit cake" of vegetables. Why do we get so sick of zucchini and how can we really truly see this squash for what it is? We will talk with our guest Deena Prichep and find out what she thinks. Deena is a radio and print journalist with a passion for all things food. Her blog is a favorite of the No Chefs. Find out what she did with zucchini, and see what we are cooking up in our home kitchens. This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market.



"It's nice to show all that zucchini can be. Zucchini does get a bad rep, but so many things that give it a bad rep. those things are the benefits." [27:30]

-- Deena Prichep on No Chef's Allowed