Katy Keiffer is back with more Straight, No Chaser! In the beginning of the episode, Katy outlines some of the topics and guests for the upcoming season. So don't miss a single episode; tune in for Straight, No Chaser every Sunday at 1pm! Katy's guest on this week's episode is Andrew F. Smith, professor of Food Studies at the New School. Andy's newest book is called American Tuna: The Rise and Fall of an Improbable Food. Learn about the reasons for the culinary evolution of the tuna. Once a "trash fish", tuna has become a staple in American households. Hear more about the threat of methylmercury in commercially caught tuna, as well as the reason for so many dolphin deaths in tuna fishing. This program has been brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"How do you convince Americans to buy a fish that they have never bought before?"

"When this first came to light, it is estimated that they [Yellowfin tuna fisherman] were killing 1 million dolphins per year."

-- Andrew F. Smith on Straight, No Chaser