On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Michael Harlan Turkell hosts a special one-hour episode devoted to The Food Book Fair. Founder Elizabeth Thacker Jones will talk about all of the exciting additions to this year's lineup, as we're joined by a few of those guests in studio. Oliver Strand, a NYTimes coffee contributor, and Lars K. Huse of illustration and coffee, discuss their upcoming FBF Coffee Crawl . Melia Marden, chef/owner of The Smile, discusses her new cookbook, Modern Mediterranean. Christophe Hille, owner Northern Spy Food Co., will be on the FOOD + LABOR panel, touches on the "living wage" injustices of working in the restaurant industry. This episode has been sponsored by White Oak Pastures. Thanks to Cookies for the show's theme music.


"Coffee just moved the needles in a way that no other topic ever has. People were just so engaged after my first article, and I was really interested in that. People really don't know a lot about coffee." [5:15] -- Oliver Strand on THE FOOD SEEN

"I try to make things as simple as they can be, and as best as they can be- whether it's for the restaurant or my cookbook." [28:15] -- Melia Marden on THE FOOD SEEN

"Restaurant work is not like clerical work or office work... a restaurant is like a little military operation. If one person doesn't show up, it's harder to make the ship move." [46:00] -- Christophe Hille on THE FOOD SEEN