Andrew Friedman has offered us insight into the world of chefs for the past 15 years via Toqueland, and continues to work with some of the top professionals in the field. From co-authoring Gotham Bar and Grill's first cookbook (and two more collaborations since) with Alfred Portale, spending time with former White House chef Walter Scheib, and following the US team at the Bocuse d'Or for his first solo book "Knives at Dawn". What great chefs will he write about next? Find out on this week's episode of THE FOOD SEEN! This program has been brought to you by Catskill Provisions.


"I'm always looking for someone who has a very well-defined point-of-view... someone who is expressing their self on the plate in a very organic way." [23:10]

"These days, anyone who can come up with a tapas menu is a chef!" [26:50]

-- Andrew Friedman on THE FOOD SEEN