This week on The Morning After, Jessie Kiefer and Sari Kamin recap their low-key Valentine's Day experiences, and hang out with Zach Shapiro! Zach is known for his One Hundred Seconds series of mini-documentaries about small food businesses. Learn why Zach highlights so many foodies, and the aim of his documentaries. How did Zach begin making short-form documentaries? Later, Jessie and Sari speak with Josh Fontaine, a New Yorker known for bringing tacos to his current home in Paris, France. Josh tells us about the food scene in Paris, and his experience bringing a new type of food to one of the most iconic cities in Europe. This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Music by EULA.

"We don't try to cater to a specific French palette, or whatever the idea of a French palette may be." [39:40]

-- Josh Fontaine on The Morning After