Jimmy Carbone is wrapping up the summer with author Joshua M. Bernstein, writer and Beer Sessions intern Justin Kennedy, and winemaker Raphael Lyon! Tune into this episode to hear the gang recap some of their favorite brewery visits this season. Hear about Joshua's new book, The Complete Beer Course, and how the book aims to delve deeper into the craft beer world than his previous. Raphael shares some of his esoteric Enlightenment Wines, and speaks to the idea of innovation within meads and wines. What are some of the drinkable styles that the crew hopes to see in craft beer's future? Find out all of this and more on this week's edition of Beer Sessions Radio! Thanks to our sponsor, GreatBrewers.com. Today's music has been provided by The Hollows.


"People are realizing that they can make a really solid business if they can just serve their local community... I tend to think of these local breweries as local sports team, and everyone wants to support their own craft breweries." [11:00]

"A pilsner or a lager is not going to be as good as it warms up on a ninety-degree day in North Carolina." [13:15]

-- Joshua M. Bernstein on Beer Sessions Radio

"I love the CSA model. My customers trust me; if I'm going to make something, they're going to drink it" [27:15]

-- Raphael Lyon on Beer Sessions Radio