On this week's episode of Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold calls in from Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, while Nastassia Lopez holds in down in the Heritage Radio Network studio. Even though Dave's in New Orleans, he's still here to answer all of your cooking questions! Is it possible to turn a turkey roaster into a deep fryer? And what problems could arise from such a transformation? Next, Dave revisits a question about pressure cooking jams, and what it does to flavors and Brix levels. Dave also talks about the best way to sous vide a skirt steak, as well some pointers about making creme liquors. Are there any dangers involved with cooking in Ziplock bags? Later, Wipop calls in to talk about Nomiku's new immersion circulator that was recently funded through a Kickstarter campaign! This episode has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.

"The Ziplock bags are rated for re-heating in a nuke...the issue is that a Ziplock is made of polyethylene. It's the same stuff that most plastic wrap is made of. It can't get near the boiling point of water because it gets very soft, and it's very close to the melting point." -- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues