Hear about Elissa Altman's rich food history and her book, Poor Man's Feast, on this week's episode of Eat Your Words. Elissa's blog of the same name won a James Beard Award for best individual blog in 2012. Tune in to hear Cathy Erway chat with Elissa about her upbringing, and how her mother and father influenced how she views food's role in society. Hear how finding the love of her life helped Elissa realize the family element of food. How has food media and television altered people's perception of food? Learn more about Elissa's book; hear how she deals with incorporating her personal life into her memoir, and find out some of her favorite recipes! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods, and music has been provided by The California Honeydrops.


"We live in this crazy society where food is entertainment, and people who can't cook a simple steak feel the need to go out and buy a home sous vide kit." [10:20]

"Younger people are getting their food information in different ways right now - food media & food television." [13:45]

-- Elissa Altman on Eat Your Words