This week on Eating Disorder, hosts Chef Paul Gerard, The Rev Spyro, and Crazy Legs Conti open up the show recapping how they spent Halloween. Welcoming a great friend of Chef Paul, Gerard Renny, to the show, he is a native New Yorker having grown up in the area in a restaurant family. Gerard is also the author of "The Men of the Pacific Street Social Club Cook Italian," and has some amazing stories to tell, including tales about his family as well as being a bouncer at Studio 54. After the break, Gerard tells the guys the details behind opening his first restaurant in NYC and a glimpse of what the scene was like in the city at the time. Tune in for a great conversation and for a no holds barred review of a local meatball restaurant. This program was brought to you by Roberta's Pizza.

"The restaurant business is the business for misfits." [20:50]

--Gerard Renny on Eating Disorder