This week on Food Talk with Mike Colameco, Mike is delving into the art of ramen. Joining Mike in the studio is George Kao of Sun Noodle! Tune into this episode to hear George talk about the origins of ramen in China, and how it became known as a Japanese staple. Learn how Sun Noodle manufactures their noodles by replicating traditional conditions through water and flour quality. Why does ramen have such a mixed reputation in the United States? Learn why education is so important for chefs looking to make ramen, and how the soups differ from region to region in Japan. This program has been sponsored by Cento, King Arthur Flour, and Colavita. Music by Pamela Royal.


"Anytime you make something of quality, you want to make in small-batches. You have more control that way. You're essentially making everything by hand." [21:50]

"Flour is the crux of this conversation. Sourcing good flour is the heart and soul of our business." [23:30]

"I think as humans, there's something that strikes a chord in our DNA when we eat something that's caramelized and charred." [38:40]

-- George Kao on Food Talk with Mike Colameco