Welcome to another episode of Hot Grease! Our host, Nicole Taylor, talks about Majora Carter's new initiative to get technological jobs into the South Bronx, as well as gives a sneak peak for the upcoming National Ice Cream Month. Nicole is joined in the studio by King Whetstone, director of the National Agricultural Statistics Service for the USDA. Nicole and King talk about some of their favorite New York State agricultural products, including apples and dairy. King also talks about his work in trying to bridge the informational gap about food production between upstate and downstate. Later, Nicole calls John Schlimm, author of the new book Grilling Vegan Style, to talk about some healthy, vegan grilling options. Tune in to hear some ways to make flavorful tofu steaks, as well as delicious grilled fruit deserts! This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.



"The decline that we're seeing [in dairy operations] is because of different factors. Number one, is probably is because of the cost to raise dairy...the input costs are just increasing, and the price of milk is down. It's not profitable. So we see a lot of the smaller milk producers bailing out." --King Whetstone on Hot Grease