Norman King, Test Kitchen Professional for Southern Living Magazine, joins Nicole Taylor on this week's Hot Grease to teach her listeners how to fry. Tune into this episode to hear Norman and Nicole talk about Southern Living's place in Southern food culture. Listen in to learn about Birmingham as a growing food destination in the South. What's a typical day like for a test kitchen professional? Listen in to hear about Norman's new book, The Way to Fry, and how it combines Southern heritage with foods for new Southern lifestyles. How does Norman re-envision traditional Southern foods like soft-shell crabs and okra in his book? Tune into this episode to hear Norman's top frying tools on The Hot Five! This program has been sponsored by The International Culinary Center, and thanks to Blind Benny for today's music!



"As your evolve into your own in the test kitchen, you start to learn the way to explain what your'e doing to people in a simple way." [10:25]

"There's so much heritage and legacy in fried food and the South. It's raised generations of people; it can't be that bad." [13:00]

-- Norman King on Hot Grease