Maude Sernus is a sous chef at Egg in Williamsburg with West Coast roots. On this HRN Community Session, Erin Fairbanks chats with Maude about her start in the kitchen in the Bay Area. Why did Maude move to New York City, and what does the city hold for artists and people in the food industry? Hear about Maude's love for giving and receiving stick & poke tattoos, and their meaning for her in terms of interpersonal relationships. Find out how Maude wound up at Egg, and how it has changed her opinions of breakfast food. Tune into this interview to learn more about Egg's commitment to local, sustainable sourcing. This program has been sponsored by Rolling Press. Thanks to PEELS for today's music.

"Tattooing is about having a moment with another person. If you can endure the pain of each poke, then you're basically family." [9:00]

"I'm constantly trying to figure out what to make with all of these new ingredients that we have." [17:05]

-- Maude Sernus of Egg