This week on Meet Your Maker, Rachel Wharton and John Taggart are talking with Ana Jovancicevic, the owner of Handcrafted PR, Inc. Ana has a storied history in the food world; tune into this episode to hear about Ana's experiences at Windows on the World, Wired Kitchen, and Slow Food USA. Hear how Ana's international upbringing introduced her to so many different cuisines, and fostered her love of food. Hear how Handcrafted PR, Inc. got started, and why the company is a labor of love for Ana. Learn the strategy involved with promotions and public relations! This program has been brought to you by Tekserve.


"I find so many people launch things and do things without a PR budget, or without ever thinking about marketing. It's more about the product itself, and if you're a small company, it's hard to think in bigger terms." [21:40]

-- Ana Jovancicevic on Meet Your Maker