This week host Briana Kurtz is taking the Native audience back to Hanoi, Vietnam to hear from Tracey Lister of the Hanoi Cooking Centre. With over 20 years experience as a chef in some of Melbourne's best known and loved eateries, Tracey has both visited and lived in Vietnam a numerous amount of times. She came to Vietnam on sabbatical first and fortuitously met Jimmy Pham and became the first chef trainer at KOTO before currently working as one of the director's of the Hanoi Cooking Centre. Tracey knows how to shop, cook and eat in Vietnam, and better still her passion continues to lead her to discoveries from which Briana and listeners all benefit - through her books, classes and cafe (if you happen to be in town!). Tune in to hear a wonderfully detailed account of the food of Hanoi and much more! This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.


"I think what surprises people are the different fish sauces. People will often lump fish sauces together and there really are a lot of differences and varieties, and hopefully after they've done a class and they've tasted some really good sauce that they will appreciate that a bit more when they go home." [5:45]

"I think a really good dish to start with is caramel pork, it's a really good example of Vietnamese cuisine, it's not a lot of ingredients but it's a beautiful balance of flavor. That's the key of Vietnamese cuisine." [11:19]

--Tracey Lister on Native