Alex Stupak talks about punk rock ideology in the kitchen! On today's Snacky Tunes, Alex joins Greg Bresnitz in the studio to talk about the creative mind needed to work in pastry. Learn how Alex fell in love with Mexican food, and why he decided to open Empellón Cocina & Taqueria. Listen in to hear Alex and Greg discuss plating, and learn of Alex's plans to destroy the entree. Later, Bad Girlfriend stops by the studio to talk about their first gigs, revolving band members, and learning to play instruments. Hear some of Bad Girlfriend's songs live on-air! Hear about the band's love of tacos, breakfast, and soup! This program has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"If every person ran their station like a dishwasher, every restaurant would have three Michelin stars." [7:35]

"Pastry is about trying to create new textures, tastes, and forms." [11:00]

-- Alex Stupak on Snacky Tunes