Guten Tag! This week on The Main Course, host Alexes McLaughlin is sitting down with Chef Wolfgang Ban of Seasonal Restaurant & Weinbar, Edi & the Wolf, and the newest microbrewery/restaurant venture, Paulaner. With over a decade of experience and training to his work in the culinary arts and is a firm believer that the foundation for modern cuisine should have its roots in a comprehensive understanding of tradition, Wolfgang tells Alexes about his evolution into the beer focused, communal Paulaner and the importance of creating the best atmosphere possible for a beer garden. The menu is traditional German food that Wolfgang emphasizes is the perfect solution for cool nights and fall weather, plus tantalizing details Paulaner's freshly brewed beer that is never bottled. Tune in to hear more on Wolfgang's background and his thoughts on keeping things seasonal and delicious. This program was brought to you by Bonnie Plants.

"One of the beautiful things is that because there are no additives, you actually don't get a headache. If you have too much beer from Paulaner you actually feel tired but never a headache!" [17:00]

--Chef Wolfgang Ban on The Main Course