We're talking food writing and coffee education on this week's installment of The Morning After. Jessie Kiefer and Jen Tullock relay an excellent "Front of House" segment, and chat with food writer, producer, and private chef Julia Turshen. Hear about Julia's recent collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow in the form of a book called It's All Good. Hear about the research involved in writing the book, including drinking with Mario Batali and Mark Bittman. How did working with Gwyneth change Julia's opinions about health and wellness? Later, Erin McCarthy of Counter Culture Coffee helps Jessie and Jen with their coffee problems. Why does soy milk coagulate in certains brews? And what are the differences between the different types of iced coffee? Hear how Erin won the 3rd annual U.S. Brewers Cup! Find out what's on the menu at Chardonnay's for Grandma's 90th birthday! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods. Thanks to Obey City for today's music.

"The ratio that we used is based on a ratio developed by the United States government during World War II, when the government was sending out packets of coffee to their troops." [25:45]

"Brewing a whole cup of coffee and then icing it down tends to not only water it down, but leaves a bitter aftertaste." [28:00]

-- Erin McCarthy on The Morning After