From Spain to Maine, from cider to beer, Jimmy Carbone's covering it all on this week's episode of Beer Sessions Radio! Joined by Jen Schwertman of Blind Tiger, Jimmy's chatting it up with John and Anthony Belliveau-Flores of Rowan Imports. Learn about Northern Spain's cider culture, and why sour and lambic lovers will appreciate cider from Northern Spain. Jason Perkins calls in from Allagash to talk about some upcoming brews, and Joe and Dennis Fisher share some tips from the second edition of their book, Brewing Made Easy. Later, Jessica Garcia Agullo and John Collins from Iberian Beer United share some special Spanish beers, and Spain's fascination with blonde beers. Learn about Spanish beer and cider blends! This episode has been brought to you by

"You don't have anywhere to hid in a pilsner-style beer. It's a much trickier proposition to brew a pilsner/lager than a big stout." [21:40] -- Dennis Fisher on Beer Sessions Radio

"Spain is the place to watch because they don't have any brewing tradition to reference." [33:50] -- Jessica Garcia Agullo on Beer Sessions Radio