On this episode of Burning Down the House, Curtis B. Wayne is talking suburbia, oil, and energy with two call-in guests. James Howard Kunstler is a public speaker, critic, and author of Too Much Magic, a book about limited oil and a reversion to smaller-scale, agriculture-based living. Duo Dickinson, a frequent guest on Burning Down the House, is an architect specializing in designing residences in urban, suburban, and exurban areas. Tune in to hear discussions about how trends in transportation have affected the landscapes we inhabit, food security, and our supply of natural resources. Hear about how a desire for "country-living" built the suburbs. Has the rate of human technological innovation ultimately doomed the species? Find out this and more on Burning Down the House! This episode has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards and Sons.

"What you finally get when the suburban experience reaches full flower is a cartoon version of country house in a cartoon version of the country." -- James Howard Kunstler on Burning Down the House

"Most people want an individuated place that reflects their values, and the easiest way to do is by having a blank palette, a piece of dirt, and an object in it that you inhabit. And that is the easiest way to control that micro-environment." -- Duo Dickinson on Burning Down the House