On this edition of the Cutting the Curd Book Review, Diane Stemple talks with Sue Conley, co-author of Cowgirl Creamery Cooks. Sue, along with her partner Peggy Smith, were artisan cheese innovators with the establishment of the Cowgirl Creamery in Marin County, California. Tune in to hear how the Cowgirls combined recipes with cheese know-how in order to create an encompassing cheese guide. Tune in to learn how to arrange cheese plates according to region, variety, and beyond! Hear how Cowgirl's Mt Tam evolved from a gouda recipe, and how the development of Red Hawk was a lucky mistake! This program has been sponsored by Academie Opus Caseus. Music by The California Honeydrops.


"One suggestion for arranging a cheese plate is to take all of the same kind of cheese, such as a cheddar, but from all different regions." [16:55]

"I was always very confident in making fresh cheeses. It's just like baking!" [18:50]

-- Sue Conley on Cutting the Curd