Learn how to cook with fermented foods on this week's episode of Fuhmentaboudit! Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett are joined in the studio by chef Thomas Harder of Blind Tiger. Tune in to hear how Thomas develops recipes based on beer! Should beer and food pairings contrast or be complimentary? Find out how substituting fermented foods into your favorite recipes can enhance the flavors of your cooking! Hear about Thomas's famous kimchi gnocchi and his pulled pork sliders! Later, Chris and Mary chat with Tom Acitelli, author of The Audacity of Hops. Listen in to learn how Tom's book chronicles craft beer history. You certainly don't want to miss this week's installment of Fuhmentaboudit! Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods Market.

"I dissect the flavors of the beer, and then create a dish that goes with that... I don't think a lot of chefs work in that way... Beer is actually the focus." [9:45] -- Chef Thomas Harder on Fuhmentaboudit!