Born in Saskatchewan, Canada on a big ag grain pig farm. Tina has a B.A in Native Studies and B.Ed in Adult Education. After teaching for 3 years in Patagonia, AZ Tina and her husband, Jim, started a business guiding and outfitting horseback trips into the Coronado National Forest in the San Rafael Valley. After closing that business, Tina and Jim moved to Tucson met a woman who wanted to buy our ranch in the valley but didn't have the money to do so. Tina and her husband ended up trading properties with the woman and moved to Amado. They started out with grass-fed beef with a loose partnership with another family, Double Check Ranch, that had been doing markets and grass-fed beef for many years in Tucson. After one year of selling their beef and chickens under Double Check's label, Tina and Jim created our own label and company, so Walking J Farm was born. Tina homeschools their kids, teaches a yoga class once every two weeks, and helps run the business. This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"I think we need to educate people and start putting local food in our stores. I really think that the consumer drives the whole system." -- Tina Bartsch on Greenhorn Radio