Solomon is a first generation, beginning farmer in Loyalton, CA. After growing up in the 70s exposed to small scale urban agriculture in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as agricultural communities in Pennsylvania, Solomon attended Feather River College for Equine Studies and Ecosystem management with the intention of entering range management. But because the forest service eliminated the position, Solomon instead fought fire for ten years while maintaining a homestead operation with a variety of animals and 10 acres of cultivation.

Solomon and his family now live and work a 60 acre ranch which they have leased land for the past 3 years with an additional 60 Acres of neighboring land that they graze in exchange for fire control. Seasonal off farm jobs help support the family as they grow their little herd of cattle and flock of sheep, grain, and hay cultivation. Solomon and his partner Bronwyn Olsen also have two daughters Sierra (16 years old) and Mariah (13 Years old). This episode has been sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

"We have more need for our product than we actually have product, so that feels great." [14:55] -- Solomon Sweeting on Greenhorn Radio