Well, Thanksgiving has passed, but Nicole Taylor soldiers on with another episode of Hot Grease! This week, Kara Newman returns to the studio to talk about her new book, The Secret Financial Life of Food. Tune in to learn about Kara's past in stocks, bonds, and commodities! What are the United States top food commodities now, and what were they one hundred years ago? Check out Kara's new book to hear about how traders of butter and eggs became extremely wealthy, and learn about scandalous fights between grain sellers! Learn more about the rumored bacon shortage, and why pork belly is no longer a commodity item. Learn about the relationship between food prices and population growth! This program has been sponsored by The Heritage Meat Shop.



"Commodities markets thrive on volatility." [19:30]

"I think that commodity prices are not going to be based entirely on American eating habits... It's my belief that we're going to see commodities being traded on a more global basis." [26:00]

-- Kara Newman on Hot Grease