Karen Washington and Therese Nelson are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr., Inauguration Day, and black women in food on this week's installment of Hot Grease. Tune in to hear Nicole Taylor talk with Karen and Therese about Inauguration Day, and how President Obama supported New York State farmers buy purchasing food from small farmers affected by Hurricane Sandy. Listen in to hear Therese share stories about being a black woman in culinary school, and hear Karen talk about the importance of black voices in the food movement. Finally, Nicole, Karen, and Therese wrap up the show by reflecting on the President's inauguration and the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. This program has been sponsored by Tabard Inn.

"Obama was able to procure delicious, beautiful products from the great state of New York. The government doesn't want to give Hurricane Sandy aid to New York and New Jersey- well here's a product that shows that money is going to rebuild." [5:20]

-- Therese Nelson on Hot Grease

"Back then, community gardens were sort of a novel idea. But now they have become instrumental in the urban agriculture movement- and not just here in New York City, but across the world." [14:00]

"When it comes to the food movement, I want to make sure that black voices are being heard... We need to really represent our voices and intention- as long as there is hunger, there is racism." [20:30]

-- Karen Washington on Hot Grease