Learn about authentic Mexican home cooking with Pati Jinich! This week on Hot Grease, Nicole Taylor recaps some food headlines about inexpensive, prepared foods and the upcoming Bed Stuy Brewing Company. Later, she chats with Pati Jinich about Mexican food misconceptions. What ingredients are always stocked in Pati's pantry? Learn more about traditional Mexican ingredients like nopales and cactus petals, and their uses in Mexican cuisine. How does Pati envision Mexican food in the United States in the future? What are the parallels between Mexican and Southern cooking? Later, hear a segment from the Roger Smith Cookbook Conference starring Nicole and Dan FitzHenry of The Virginia Distillery Company. Learn about the roadblocks involved with distilling in Virginia, and the state's rich, booze-filled history! This program has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.


"The U.S. and Mexico are neighbors, and we think we know a lot about each other, but there are other things that we are so ignorant about." [8:30]

"The Mexico in America is growing, diverse, and beautiful!" [12:40]

-- Pati Jinich on Hot Grease