This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is chatting with Pascaline Lepeltier, the Wine Director at NYC's Rouge Tomate. Why did Pascaline abandon a promising future teaching philosophy to become a wine expert? Despite her upbringing in the Loire Valley, Pascaline did not discover wine until her late teens; find out why Pascaline was so isolated from the wine culture around her. Pascaline gives some tips on how to determine wine authenticity and consistency from distributors. Later, Joe and Pascaline talk about the quality of food at Rouge Tomate, and why a certain level of gastronomy is important when pairing with good wine. Hear some of Pascaline's experiences studying for the Master Sommelier exam! This episode has been brought to you by Underground Meats.


"Wine might be the only thing that can do that- connect me with my friends, connect with something from so long ago, and give so much pleasure." [9:20]

"You always want to meet the face behind the label." [12:15]

-- Pascaline Lepeltier on In the Drink