Today On Meet Your Maker, host Rachel Wharton is joined by chef Tin Dizdarevic, the founder of Tin Mustard in Brooklyn, NY. Dizdarevic talks about the creation of his whole grain mustard recipe that has been praised as the best mustard on the market. He discusses the use of simple ingredients that he sources from local vendors here in Brooklyn to create a truly unique product. Dizdarevic tells the story of his culinary journey that led him to beginning Tin Mustard and the process of making mustard in a commercial environment. Tune in and learn about how no two mustards are the same and where you can pick up some Tin Mustard today! This program has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.

"It's hard to do the 'local' thing with mustard seed because it's a hard spice to produce... it requires a certain climate to dry the seeds." [6:15]

-- Tin Dizdarevic on Meet Your Maker