THE FOOD SEEN returns with a hot new episode all about BBQ! Classically trained chef turned barbecue champion, Adam Perry Lang, delivers a new set of active grilling techniques his most recent cookbook, Charred & Scruffed, forever changing the lexicon of BBQ:

Scruffing (roughing up the meat to create more surface area where seasonings and bastes can cling)

Clinching (cooking meat directly on the coals to enhance crunch)

Hot Potatoing (turning and moving the meat constantly to control heat buildup)

Cooking High to Slow (especially effective for crust development in larger cuts)

f you don't feel like firing up your grill, you can always visit one of Adam's restaurants. He is the founder of Daisy May's BBQ in NYC, co-founder with Jamie Oliver of Barbecoa in London, and meat maestro at Carnevino in Las Vegas. This episode has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"People talk about French technique like it's abstract. It's really just tremendous structure. And even with cooking barbecue, as unruly as it is, there are certain things that you need to do to stay on track."

"The key to good barbecue, low-and-slow style, is consistency and temperature." -- Adam Perry Lang on THE FOOD SEEN