On today's THE FOOD SEEN, Diana Yen, of the multidisciplinary creative studio The Jewels of NY, reveals her approach to setting the mood around a menu. Built out of a home product design background, Diana's vision of culinary arts draws from her collection of antique flatware (e.g. cornichon ejector forks), her love of fancying food with gold leaf and caviar, and setting desserts on fire! As she works towards completing her first cookbook, based around New York's finest seasonal moments, like summer rooftop BBQs and fall apple picking, she shares the thought process behind her brand of "lifestyle design". Thanks to our sponsor, Bonnie Plants, and thanks to Cookies for THE FOOD SEEN theme.


"Designing a menu is kind of like writing a song. You don't really know the details, but you know the basic structure, what should come first, and how it should flow." [22:40] -- Diana Yen on THE FOOD SEEN