Dine at 'the end of the line' and learn about olive oil on this week's episode of The Main Course. Patrick Martins is joined in the studio by Bonnie Pipkin and Tania Ryalls, founders of the blog End of the Line Dining. Hear about Bonnie and Tania's idea to eat at restaurants at the end of New York City's subway in order to explore neighborhoods and different cuisines. What neighborhoods have they explored thus far, and how have they been received as neighborhood outsiders? Find out where Bonnie and Tania are headed next, and hear about Bonnie's last day as a waitress at Roberta's! Later, Patrick invites Steve Jenkins of Fairway Market to talk about his history in the food world. Find out how Steve initially became fascinated with foreign cheeses and meats, and why he has become disillusioned with the FDA's stance on importing cheeses. Steve talks to Patrick about the three criterion necessary for choosing a quality olive oil for your kitchen, so make sure you tune in to this week's episode of The Main Course! Thanks to our sponsor, Cain Vineyard & Winery. Thanks to Obey City for today's music.

"I would write down the name of the cheeses from the labels when I was in Paris, because nobody over here knew any of those cheeses or charcuterie- and then I went and did that in Milano!" [24:45]

"How can I operate as a master cheesemonger when 45% of the cheeses that I want, I'm not allowed to get from the idiot FDA?" [29:00]

"You're not going to find a bottle of olive oil at a supermarket in this country that is worthy of your kitchen." [37:15]

-- Steve Jenkins on The Main Course