To celebrate his 200th episode, Patrick Martins takes on food justice on The Main Course! Patrick enlists Anthony Butler, Execuitve Director of St. John's Bread & Life, to discuss the topic. Tune into this episode to hear why hunger is a justice issue, and why its relationship with policy and subsidies make it a political concern. Find out how limited job growth and low wages have increased hunger in the United States. How do American notions of private property play into the idea of charity? Hear Patrick and Anthony discuss the future of New York City politics, and whether the election of Mayor de Blasio will ultimately affect the poverty situation in the city. How will Pope Francis I change perceptions of poverty and hunger on a global scale? Find out all of this and more on the very special 200th episode of The Main Course! Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch. Music by Idgy Dean.


"Even a charitable organizations like ours, St. John's Bread & Life, are purchasing local food because people are asking for it." [10:20]

"Subsidies are political choices, and policy leads to justice and injustice." [11:30]

"If minimum wage increased with inflation, it would be twenty-one dollars per hour. It's not a minimum wage; it's a sub-standard wage." [19:00]

-- Anthony Butler on The Main Course