This week on The Morning After, Jessie Kiefer sits down with Kate Brashares (Executive Director) and Morgan Rogers (Program Director) of Edible Schoolyard NYC. Tune into this episode to hear about Edible Schoolyard NYC's experiential learning programs in two city schools that connect students with food in a hands-on way! How is the curriculum influenced by farm-to-table pioneer Alice Waters? Find out why it is important to teach gardening and cooking skills at Title 1 schools, and how Edible Schoolyard students are changing their eating eating habits and neighborhoods one meal at a time. How do gardening and cooking classes often improve school experiences for children with learning disabilities? Tune in to hear Kate and Morgan talk about the challenges of non-profit work, and how they hope their programs can serve as models for all New York City schools. What's next for Edible Schoolyard NYC? Tune into this episode to find out! This program has been brought to you by Tekserve. Music by Idgy Dean.



"Teaching kids in a very experiential way is such a powerful way of connecting with children." [9:45]

"We can't be in every school in New York City, but we hope to show what is possible." [18:00]

"Often, kids that struggle in the classroom blossom in the garden- pun intended!" [29:45]

-- Kate Brashares on The Morning After