On this installment of U Look Hungry, Helen Hollyman is joined by Mark Andrew Gravel, founder of the Good Farm collective and author of the upcoming book, Kill the Recipe. Hear why Mark smuggles pounds of heirloom cowpeas from Charleston, South Carolina every few weeks. Learn more about Good Farm, as well as Mark's start in the agrarian world with The Greenhorns. Though Mark is not a vegetarian, hear why he believes everyone needs a little less meat, and a few more beans! Mark also talks about his design background, and his love of street art. What country has the best bean recipes? Tune into this week's episode of U Look Hungry to find out! This program has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"The way we eat and our food system is out of balance. People should be cooking more at home. Beans might not seem like an obvious food to make, but once you've got a pot of beans, you can make a lot of quick meals."

-- Mark Andrew Gravel on U Look Hungry