Pick perfect apples, find uses for your cheese rinds, and learn more about distillation on this week's Cooking Issues! Tune in to hear Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez talk about different textures and acidity levels in apples. How does the shape of a glass affect the drinking experience of certain spirits? Find out about bloom strength in gelatin, and hear Dave and Nastassia talk cut-rate cheese emporiums. Dave also talks about blending and distilling botanicals in a rotovap. Learn about fossilizing vegetables, fermenting rice, and more on this week's Cooking Issues. This program has been brought to you by Ambur Point of Sale App.

"The problem with a lot of old apple varieties is that they lose they're crunch after a while; they're not meant to be crunchy." [7:05]

"With infusions, the flavors are all dependent on how they are produced." [32:50]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues