This week on Eat Your Words, host Cathy Erway welcomes writer Mina Holland to the show to talk about her book "The World on a Plate." Taking readers on a journey around the globe, demystifying the flavors, ingredients and techniques, Mina sought out worldly dishes in a book big enough to stick in a bag and travel. What's the origin of kimchi in Korea? Why do we associate Argentina with steak? What's the story behind the curries of India? Weaving anecdotes and history with recipes and tips from food experts, "The World on a Plate" is an irresistible tour of the cuisines of the world for food lovers and armchair travellers alike. Tune in as Mina and Cathy discuss highlights from the book! This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center


"I love Turkish food and I think it's a very interesting place because it sits on the the cusp of Europe and Asia."

"My favorite recipe is Marcella Hazan's three ingredient pasta sauce. It changed my life when I discovered it!"

--Mina Holland on Eat Your Words