How can we ensure regional food security and land access? This week on Everything's On the Table, Erin Fairbanks is joined in the studio by guest co-host Challey Comer, Director of FARMroots at GrowNYC. To discuss distribution and wholesale of local food, Erin and Challey chat with Olivia Blanchflower of Greenmarket Co. Learn about new innovations to institutional food, healthy food in under-served neighborhoods, and more. Later, Dr. Jennifer Phillips of Bard College discusses how pasture-based animal agriculture is saving the environment. Hear how farms can shift to the pasture model, and how pasture not only sequesters and holds carbon, but prevents eroded land. Finally, Lindsey Lusher Shute of the Young Farmers' Coalition talks about land easement as outlined in her paper, Land Conservation 2.0. Learn how traditional land trusts haven't protected properties from becoming estates. Hear how Lindsey aims to save working farmland and provide infrastructure for a strong, local agricultural economy. This program has been sponsored by with music by Pamela Royal.


"There's a slow movement towards pasture... but it will help in carbon storage, and mitigation in terms of variability in rain fall." [18:35]

"This is classic risk managment: you diversify your stocks in your portfolio, or the crops that you're growing on your farm." [27:45]

-- Dr. Jennifer Phillips on Everything's On the Table

"Traditional easement doesn't protect the land from a wealthy buyer coming in and turning it into more of an estate-like property." [38:20]

-- Lindsey Lusher Shute on Everything's On the Table