This week on Everything's On the Table, Erin Fairbanks talks public health with guest co-host Carolyn Zezima, President of NYC Foodscape. Tune in as Erin and Carolyn sit down with Devin Madden of The Partnership for a Healthier Manhattan. Tune in to learn about Devin's work fighting against the prevalence of chronic disease through an increased awareness of healthy food options. Hear how community youth canvassers fought for healthier grocery stores in neighborhoods across the borough! Later, Erin and Carolyn take on school lunch with Deborah Lewison Grant, co-Executive Director of FoodFight. Hear how FoodFight aims to promote health in schools by looking at the school as a unit, including the habits of its faculty and staff. Find out how concerned parent Bruce Simon sees school lunch menus in the future! Finally, Martiza Owens of Harvest Homes Farmer's Market joins the conversation and discusses how extreme need in the South Bronx inspired her to bring fresh produce to her neighborhood. Nutrition consultuant Loyce Godfrey talks about her work with Maritza, and how her Eating for Good Health workshop provides not only fresh food, but necessary nutrition education. This program has been sponsored by Thanks to EULA for today's music.

"Our health choices are not made in silos. Yes, we are individuals, but we exist within systems." [8:20]

-- Devin Madden on Everything's On the Table

"Teachers are incredibly well-positioned to make change, but they've largely been neglected in this food movement. They haven't been invited to the table to have this conversation." [25:10]

-- Deborah Lewison Grant on Everything's On the Table

"We are looking at the farmer's market as not only a point of access for healthy food, but also a place to educate the community and consumers about these other factors that affect health." [39:15]

-- Maritza Owens on Everything's On the Table