On this week's episode of Growing Good, Alessandra Iavarone is talking about Disney's decision to ban junk food advertisements in all of its media branches in order to fight against childhood obesity. But are the commercials the problem, or are parents to blame for the obesity epidemic? Alessandra talks about the logistics of the ban, including what types of food did not make Disney's cut, and when the advertising changes will take place. Alessandra provides some refreshing skepticism surrounding the ban, pondering the motivation for the junk food ad ban. Does Disney really care about the nation's expanding waistband, or are they taking this as an opportunity to brand themselves and turn a profit? Tune in to hear Alessandra's opinion on Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative, and learn more about the advertising ban! This program has been brought to you by Roberta's.


"Disney sees a business and branding opportunity in banning these junk food ads." -- Alessandra Iavarone on Growing Good