On this week's episode of Growing Good, Alessandra Maria Iavarone is joined in the studio by Bowie Barnett-Zunino and Jeff Barnett-Winsby of the Wassaic Project. The Wassaic Project is an artist-in-residency program in Wassaic, New York that focuses on community. Every year, Bowie and Jeff host the Wassaic Project Summer Festival, a free multidisciplinary arts and music festival, on their property. Recently, Bowie and Jeff have a new partner in their project - their 5-month-old daughter! Tune in to hear about the roots of the program, as well as the challenges of balancing parenthood with work. Learn more about the town of Wassaic, and what it's like raising a child in a rural, agricultural town with a population of 200 people. This year's Wassaic Summer Festival takes place August 3rd - 5th; for more information, visit their website. This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"We're really trying to support and promote emerging artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers- and having someone who has already gone through the residency program, we're already really invested in who they are. And we want people to see their work, we want people to understand their work." -- Jeff Barnett-Winsby on Growing Good