This week on Taste Matters, infamous pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini joins guest host Izabela Wojcik in the Heritage Radio Network studio. Listen in to hear Johnny talk about why he's stepped down from his pastry chef position to tour the countryside on his motorcycle. Hear Johnny talk about the roof his ambition, and why he never planned on becoming a world-renowned pastry chef. Johnny talks about his future plans to delve into the worlds of chocolate, coffee, and distilling! Listen in to hear Johnny and Izabela talk about trends in pastry, and what Johnny prefers to taste in desserts. Other discussions include charities, freezing cookie dough, and family cooking. This episode has been sponsored by Tekserve.


"No one eats dessert because they're hungry- it's a treasure, it a bonus at the end of the meal. So, this is where you can get very creative..." [21:10]

"Sugar is not a flavor. Sweet is not a flavor. If I taste something and I just taste sweetness, I automatically think it's a failure." [24:15]

-- Johnny Iuzzini on Taste Matters