This week on The Main Course, Patrick Martins is speaking with Daniel Sharp, the Corporate Executive Chef of The Meatball Shop. Tune in to learn about how The Meatball Shop fuses fast food and full service without compromising food quality or customer service. Listen in to hear Daniel talk about efficiency in the restaurant industry, and how it is not only applicable to pricing and food preparation, but also kitchen design. How do different NYC neighborhoods and their populations affect the layout of a restaurant? Patrick and Daniel talk about the necessary processes for restaurant expansion, and the need for strong management personnel. Hear Daniel talk about how he cut his teeth in the restaurant industry, his love of wood-fire cooking, and his disdain for 'innovative' buffalo wing sauces. This program has been brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"Pricing is very important to us in the sense that we want to make them as low as possible, and as accessible as possible so that we have a broad reach. I really think that's really one of our hallmarks of the business." [13:15] -- Daniel Sharp on The Main Course